Our mission statement is to provide an international dining experience through emphasis on high quality food and beverage, and impeccable service.

At Trotters we integrate our Food, Drink, Media & Sport which gives our customers a restaurant where: they can bring their families and friends to dine, lime at the bar, and view their favorite program from any of our 39 screens. We offer customers multiple experiences in one visit, which we are confident, will guarantee satisfied customers time and time again.


The name Trotters originated from old local term 'to trot' and 'to chip', chipping was used in the early 1900's to chip down the road. A Trotter signifies that we are all movers and shakers on the road of life. To use such a local colloquial expression perfectly suggests that the owners of Trotters are aware of their local roots.

The restaurant is ingeniously decorated with newspaper articles of local and Caribbean history. Everywhere you look there are stories of achievements and success. It adds to the experience, as it often becomes conversation for our customers.